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Matt1993 Cometh

Hi! I'm Matt Aaron. For more information on what I do most of the time, go to my profile page.

Right now I'm wondering what the next Strong Bad E-mail will be like. You should check them out (on; they are really funny and were the inspiration for some of my funny screenshots (again, more info on profile page).


Oh, it's no use. The past is gone now (obviously not as much so as I pretended it was in my previous entry, but still), and my journal may never again become as interesting as it used to be no matter how hard I try. Not that an entry that's partly about PrtSc Land could be interesting anyway...

In other news, remember how I said most of my classes this semester were easier than I expected? I don't even think I specifically said that I hadn't had any essays yet, and yet the day after I posted that entry, I got an essay assignment. In Programming Languages class, of all things. Due December 6, but still...

Why does that happen EVERY time I post that classes are going well?!?


I also expected most of my professors to give out a lot of Enya concert tickets and pre-release copies of Super Mario 3D World, but that still hasn't happened at all this semester.

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