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I haven't posted for a while because:

1) At some point I had decided that after I was done with the LJ-related part of my list of worries, I would make a table of most of my creative vortexes, what prerequisites some of them have, and how long it's been since I last worked on each one, then post that along with a poll asking you guys which you'd like me to try and finish first.
2) Though I'm still worried about a few things in that part of the list, I'm done posting it, and I did indeed go through with my idea.
3) I had also decided that in order to finish the table/poll entry sooner, I wouldn't post other entries often until I finished it.
4) I've had a lot of homework this semester, so I haven't had much time to work on that entry.
5) In fact, I've had so much homework that whenever I do have enough free time to work on the entry, I'm usually so tired of working on stuff that I end up spending that time video games instead.



Wait. You thought the fact that I'm posting now meant I'm done with that creative vortex table/poll entry?!


Hahahahaha... haha...


I mean, aside from actually formatting it as a table, adding the poll, and posting it, I'm close, but I'm not even 100% done with just the first phase of it. :(

Tags: 100, college, creative vortexes, formatting, free time, hiatus, homework, livejournal, lj entries, percentages, poll, procrastination, public entries, regrets, repost buttons, school, stress, video games, worrying

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