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Writer's Block: Folktales of the City

What is your favorite urban legend? Have you or anyone you know ever been fooled by one?
UGH. Urban legends are the twelfth worst thing on the Internet. Until I remember which other things I forgot, that is. The list is as follows:

1. Rickrolls (and alternatives to it)
2. The Internet's tendency to pick completely random things and be like, "Okay, everyone, portray Clippit as being evil!"
3. People who are biased against MS Paint
4. "IT'S OVER 9000!"
5. "That's what she said"
6. "Your mom"
7. The "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" banana
8. Screamers
9. Chuck Norris jokes
10. Jokes about the swine flu
11. "SH00P DA W00P"
12. Urban legends

Tags: chuck norris, clippit, evil, internet, it's over 9000, ms paint, peanut butter jelly time, rickroll, screamers, sh00p da w00p, stcnu, swine flu, that's what she said, unpopular opinions, urban legends, writer's block, your mom

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