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Over the past week or so, my depression about the Forbidden Comment Threads, my ability to focus, my common sense, and my ability to speak without stumbling over words have all steadily gotten worse.

You know I've said how if I end up with too many creative vortexes stuck in my head at once, I might end up regressing? I think it's actually happening now, except most likely because of the Forbidden Comment Threads instead. I probably don't have much time left...

On some more positive notes:

- SIX new quiz results! I sorted them roughly from most to least fitting.

Your Music Personality is Reflective and Complex

You love music that has many layers to it. You have sophisticated taste.

The types of music you tend to gravitate toward are jazz, blues, folk, new age, lounge, world, and or classical. You like music that others find hard to get into.

Of all the types, you are the most emotionally stable. You aren't easily phased and bothered.

You are also one of the least extroverted. You are content in your own little world... with your music.

It's likely that you consider yourself open-minded and even more socially liberal than average.

You have high verbal skills and many would call you intelligent. You are less athletic and more artistic than the average person.

Your Sensitivity Score: 88%

You are an extremely sensitive person. You notice everything.

You've probably been called overly sensitive before, and it's partially true.

Highly sensitive people tend to be highly intelligent. And you just can't turn off that part of you.

You Are Lovable and Outgoing

You're the type of person who tries to be friends with everyone... and usually succeeds.

Other people find you charming and cute. You are almost always in a good mood.

You are cuddly and quite physical. You love to give and get hugs.

You are probably drawn toward animals, especially domestic pets. You love both cats and dogs.

What Color Are You?


You are loyal,brave and strong Your strengths: Your loyalty and courage Your weaknesses: You find it difficult to stay positive at times, but you always try

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You Are Organized

You are driven by an acute sense of responsibility and conscientiousness. You are a firm believer in pulling your own weight.

You like rules more than most people. Even if they're a pain to follow, you like to know where the boundaries are.

You are analytical and cool headed. When confronted with a monumental problem, you're willing to go slow and take one step at a time.

Even if you aren't a scientist, you have a lot of respect for the scientific method. You like to test out ideas and theories.

You appreciate quality, and you have high standards for everything in your life. You always give others credit for a job well done.

You have a head for facts. You are very precise and detail oriented. And you can't help but correct people when they are wrong!

You Are Daring

You like to live boldly or not at all. You think a life without risks is just plain dull.

You prefer to be proactive and take action whenever possible. Your problems and worries aren't going to fix themselves.

You refuse to let the winter slow you down. You're proactive and active as ever... while everyone else has the winter blahs.

You enjoy being busy and innovative while everyone else is being sleepy. You find your motivation from within.

Spring doesn't how you change internally, but you may end up being a bit more social than usual as others come out of hibernation.

This is an interesting time for brainstorming and collaboration. You're excited to show others what you've been working on during the winter.

- This is my 900th entry!!! At least it is if you include my glossary. If you don't, then my next entry (whatever it happens to be) will be the 900th.

- I changed the "♯ comments" and "Post a comment" text in my journal to say "I glued ♯ blenders to my face" and "Is it Saturday night already?!" (both of which are a Garfield reference or - perhaps more famously - a Square Root of Minus Garfield reference). I've been considering changing that text ever since I took Ours Will You 1-Up down and thus made "I'm ♯-Up"/"Will me 1-Up" stand out as oddly-phrased. (Actually, it probably stood out like that even while OWY1U was up.) And now I finally did! I also changed the current mood text to "This mood coming through", another Garfield/SROMG reference.


Mar. 5th, 2013 05:45 pm (UTC)
You. Are. Not. Regressing! It isn't even possible to happen like that.

Are you sure? I think you said that it can only happen because of a traumatic experience, and I'd say the Forbidden Comment Threads probably count as traumatic...

And I liked the Will me 1-up, so I bid it a sad goodbye. :)

Sorry, but I feel like I should stick with references that aren't as difficult to explain. (And yes, I have a glossary, but it's not formatted very well, so I don't think it helps much.) If Ours Will You 1-Up were back up or still up, and organized so that it is absolutely impossible to think that it is a forwards lyric site, or video game fansite, or anything that an individual backwards lyric could have been misinterpreted as while it was up (remember, the reason I took it down was to reformat it), I'd consider keeping it, but since none of that is probably going to happen for a while, I changed the text.

I'm not giving up on OWY1U itself, though. I'll have to ask for opinions on how I should restructure the site, but I'm not gonna quit entirely.


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