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Irregular Dream!

I had a really weird and funny dream last night, so I thought I'd share what I remember of it with you all. (Though if you haven't read a decent amount of Irregular Webcomic! strips, you might want to at least read the Me, Fantasy, Cliffhangers, and Steve and Terry cast pages before you read this.)

So I was friends - in person - with David Morgan-Mar (despite the fact that in real life, he lives in Australia and I live in the U.S.), and we were hanging out at this place that resembled the cafeteria at college, but was different. He let me see the miniatures he used for Lambert, Kyros, and Alvissa (but no other characters, apparently) in IWC. I accidentally broke all of them, though. (At least, that's according to what I thought in the dream - only the Lambert and Alvissa miniatures actually looked broken, but for some reason I thought Kyros was too.) Fortunately, at one of the windows at that place (whatever it was) was a guy who fixed roleplaying miniatures, so I brought them to him and he fixed them really quickly.

EDIT: Forgot to mention - if I remember right, that guy either was or looked like the Charity Collector Guy. Why didn't I include that detail the first time if that was the only reason I told you to read the Steve & Terry cast page?

I don't remember what happened after that except for a largely unrelated scene:

I was still in the same room, but apparently the Cliffhangers theme from IWC was actually taking place there now, and I was in the place of Montana Jones. (I didn't look like him - I just replaced him for whatever reason.) In the dream, Colonel Haken (who was still a LEGO minifigure, but life-size and sentient - kind of like what the special effect in panel 3 of IWC ♯704 looks like, only there it's the Charity Collector Guy), instead of being a Nazi, was an undercover agent of some sort working against the Nazis, and apparently, his way of communicating with me secretly was having us both be in plain sight of several generic people (real people, not sentient life-size LEGOs or roleplaying miniatures), then both calling each other on cell phones at the same time while standing only a few feet away from each other and then pretending to be surprised about it.

I told you it was a weird dream...

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