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I just now found out, a little over 18 days and 8 hours before the End Times* begin, that there could be as little as only 1 or 5 hours (dunno whether these are UTC or Dubai time) before the End Times begin. (Minus 37 more minutes due to how long it took to write this entry...) And yet Google knew about it as early as November 19...

This is how I feel right now:

Anyway, I brought back ten of my blackout userpics from earlier this year when SOPA and ACTA were impending our doom. Specifically, I brought back the only ten I made that either have no text at all or still could be construed to make sense when used to protest something that threatens the freedom of the Internet in general rather than specifically anything that is currently considered fair use.

I probably won't get to make any more considering how busy I've been lately, but hopefully either everyone else's voices will still be enough to get ITU to change their minds, or after they see everyone else's voices, my ten userpics will end up being the straw that breaks the camel's back.

*Caveat: While it's interesting that this should come up so soon before December 21, I still don't think it can be considered definite proof that there's anything to that date - it's still "maybe something will happen, maybe not" to me. The only difference is the "maybe" is now mostly tied to what happens during the ITU's meeting...

This probably doesn't make a lot of sense because I had to finish writing this really quickly before they start making decisions on stuff, but oh well.

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