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Earlier today, I randomly started thinking about a userpic idea I had thought of months ago (but haven't had the chance to make yet) which would basically be part of this screenshot of Super Mario 3D Land (found on the Mario Wiki, by the way):

...with "HELL ON WHEELS" written on it.

Neither this userpic idea nor the fact that I was distracted by it today briefly is that bad a sign in and of itself, of course... but then, while flipping through pages in my Calculus textbook to find the exercises for this homework assignment, I happened to turn to page 666 just before I found the assignment, which happened to start on page 668.

A bit creepy...
Tags: 666, 668, calculus, creative vortexes, hell, homework, lj userpics, mario, math, nintendo, nintendo 3ds, numbers, ominous signs, paranoia, public entries, screenshots, spine coasters, super mario 3d land, super mario wiki, tanooki mario, textbooks, userpics, video games, wikis

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