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Today, Hajar, I am not making LIGHTNING!

Once I turn in the final copy of my analytical paper and peer review any papers that still haven't been reviewed by 8 PM, I'll have made it through the English class without going insane!

I spent so much time working on this paper and analyzing articles that Rachel Hajar and Geoff Watts (the authors of the first two articles I used for it) have, unlike any other authors of articles I've cited in papers so far, gotten appearances and mentions in a few of my dreams:

In the first one, I was playing some sort of video game or board game that had a Jumble minigame which was only played once throughout the course of the dream. I don't remember the riddle or the picture, but the answer was "A WATTS" (which was understood to be read as "a Watts" and be a reference to Geoff Watts, not "10 watts" written in hexadecimal or the letter A used as a surreal irregular number or anything).

In the third one (I'm saving the second for last because it's the funniest)... I don't even know if there was a third one yet, but for some reason I think I remember Hajar (or at least her name) being in another dream after the second one. I don't remember much else about it if there even was one, though.

In the second one, I was considering putting Hajar and Watts in PrtSc Land the next time I remake it and having them be friends with Holly and Ambrose (respectively) from Lightning Made of Owls*. After I woke up, I actually started trying to come up with ways to fit them into PSL for a little while before I realized that it would be a bad idea for reasons that should be obvious by now.

*This is probably inspired by the fact that, for some reason, I sometimes can't help but imagine them looking like Holly and Ambrose. See, whenever I come across a name that I haven't put a face to yet, sometimes my mind puts a random face that might vaguely resemble that person to their name.

[Rambling detail about where this association may have come from and another example of such associations]In this case, Holly and Ambrose are depicted as scientists in the first LMOO strip, Hajar and Watts are scientists as well, "Hajar" and "Holly" both start with H, and "Hertz" (which, like "Watts", is also a unit of measure) was a rejected name for Ambrose (or at least "Heinz" was and it looks enough like "Hertz" to make me think that Hertz was another rejected name for him). So even after I saw what Hajar and Watts actually look like while trying to find more information about them, sometimes I can't help but imagine them as Holly or Ambrose, even though it's ironic because I don't think either of them would support making lightning out of owls or any of Ambrose's other crazy schemes :)

This phenomenon usually only applies to literary characters, actually. For instance, even after I watched the To Kill a Mockingbird movie, Scout still "looks like" a younger version of Dido (specifically, the younger version of Dido who appears in the offline version of PrtSc Land) even though that's completely different from her appearance in the movie.
Does anyone else do this sort of thing?

And now for something completely different. Funny conversation pathvain_aelien and I had about a week ago:

PATHVAIN_AELIEN: That's because our table is lacking in fruit and vegetable matter and pretty much anything besides pizza matter.
ME: At least it's lacking in dark matter.
PATHVAIN_AELIEN: I want some dark matter!
ME: Might be kinda dangerous, though.
PATHVAIN_AELIEN: Well, so is not getting a proper diet with fruits and vegetables!

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