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Okay, NOW I'm losing it

Today, I accidentally wrote "Pro-Life" instead of "Pro-Test" as one of the sources for my research paper despite the fact that not only are hot-button issues such as abortion off-limits for the topic for our research papers, I would've avoided them even if they had been allowed. The last time I accidentally used the wrong word in a paper in a way that could've made things go badly if I hadn't noticed was over 3 years ago - and unlike that time, it was for a real paper (not just practice for the SAT) and someone else noticed it before I did (fortunately, it was pathvain_aelien who noticed rather than my teacher, but still).

And people still think I won't regress if my mind gets too full of creative vortexes? It's clearly already started!

Tags: 3, abortion, animal testing, creative vortexes, gibberish, hot-button issues, insanity, markov chains, pathvain_aelien, practice, pro-life, pro-test, regressing, research paper, sat, teachers, topics

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