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Well, that's over with

I'm finally done with my second semester of college! Although so far, the only courses I know for sure I passed are Computer Science (with a B) and Chemistry Lab (with I'm not sure what). I did feel more confident about Computer Architecture and Chemistry class than I did with Computer Science, though. No idea about Statistics, though :(

I used to be good at math! In first grade, while the rest of the class was taught addition and subtraction, I was taught that and multiplication, and as those of you know, I took Calculus I as a high school junior and did well in it. Whatever happened to that?

Ah well, at least I get to relax for...about 12 days, because I have to take two summer classes and one of them's English II. :( So I'm probably still not going to catch up on my friends page yet if I want to have even the slightest chance of getting done with my program to prioritize everything before I need it for my summer classes.

Happy belated birthday to krickadoodle, squidmuse, barrakuda_a, hartlyn, karla_somebody, gettingoutthere, kandigurl (I think I already wished you happy birthday on Facebook on time, but still), and darkdragoonfan! (I know, I'm too pathetic to wish any of my LJ friends a happy birthday on time...)

Some funny videos I found:

(I actually had to retype this entire entry because I accidentally copied and pasted this link into the address bar on the tab where I was typing my entry :( )

EDIT IN 2018: The last three videos went down, and I was only able to find one of them again :( The other two were a Super Smash Bros. Brawl Can Can (or more accurately, a "this one Brawl match between Captain Falcon and Lucario can can") and a SpongeBob Can Can.

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