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Spring Break

IT'S SPRING BREAK!!!! Now I can finally get the sleep I need to keep myself from missing or being late to most of my classes!

As you can probably tell, even though I don't have an English class this semester, this year has been so tough that I haven't had the chance to check LJ much. For a while, I was procrastinating checking my friends page because it seemed like the only reason I wouldn't be able to do my homework or finish the really long post I've been talking about. Though, now I've been done with that post since February and I'm only waiting for ellaina02 to get back to me about it (I wanted her and pathvain_aelien to proofread it to make sure it made sense), so procrastinating checking my friends page now is just force of habit. Rest assured, I'll start catching up on it soon!

At first, this semester was better than last semester - no essays, not much homework, and I got to all of my classes on time. But now, I just get worse and worse at all of these - especially getting to Computer Science on time, which is particularly bad because my instructor for that class will be my academic advisor starting next semester and thus I need to not get on her bad side. And I'm still not any closer to finishing my creative vortexes faster than I come up with them.

Happy belated birthday to ellaina02, hattaloveis18, arpoksai, haleydunphy, jessamort, littleevilone, venturia2010, spikeyannie, inever, dreadfulpenny81, unowncafe, adrianacecilia and ariadnechan! And happy current birthday to gt_814 and irish_ileana!

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