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Writer's Block: Backwards Day

Write a backwards message for others to decipher.
?egnahc t'nseod niosserpxe eht os dnuora sisehtnerap eht nrut osla ro sisehtnerap dna noloc eht hctiws tsuj uoy dluohs egassem sdrawkcab a ni yelims a tup ot tnaw uoy fi ,tcejbus eht no m'I elihw ,yllautcA

.ykao tub ,gnihtemos ro yranib ro smargotpyrc rehpiced ot naht sdrawkcab daer ot reisae s'ti ecnis sseltniop adnik si sihT

Just for fun, I'm gonna post new sentences made with Firefox's spellcheck suggestions for the above:

?Mantegna Townsend Proserpine the OS NORAD straightener the neut Oslo or straightener DNA colon the hectic jujutsu you hoodlums gasses drawback a nigh prelims a put OT gnaw you phi ,combusted the no I'm Elihu ,syllabicate

.okay tub ,hatemongers or Byrann or smartypants rejoiced OT baht drawback dear OT reprisal isn't Ennis tessellation Danika chi hist

Tags: backwards, binary, colons, cryptograms, dna, firefox, norad, parentheses, phi, pointlessness, smileys, spellcheck, tessellations, writer's block

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