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Well, looks like the end times are back...

Okay, so SOPA and PIPA are gone, but ACTA apparently a) has been around since 2006, b) has already been signed by the U.S., and c) will ruin the Internet in exactly the same way? Sheesh. I'm bringing back my protest userpics (in fact, I brought back the ones that didn't mention SOPA specifically before I posted this entry), and I'm gonna put the protest-userpic idea out there again for anyone else who wants to protest with me. Don't know how to edit your userpic? No problem - let me know what userpic(s) you want to replace and what you want any text changed to, and I'll make it for you!

Does anyone know when the vote on ACTA is? I can't seem to find it, but I'd really like to know when the somewhat more impending apocalypse is...

Tags: 2006, acta, apocalypse, censorship, garfield, internet, pipa, protesting, sopa, united states, userpics, voting, xkcd

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