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Previously, on the X-Files...


Similar to Garkov, except instead of Garfield comics it uses X-Files transcripts and screenshots. Neat! It's a lot harder to find funny stuff with this than with Garkov or the Garfield Randomizer, though...

EDIT: Finally found an interesting one!

POTXF ♯3 →

EDIT IN 2018: It's gone now, but luckily I remember most of what it said:

SCULLY: This man's been shot.
MAN OTHER THAN MULDER (I remember assuming he was Cigarette-Smoking Man but not being sure): !!!
SCULLY: No aliens. Have you looked outside, Mulder?
MAN OTHER THAN MULDER: (with mouth agape in a bit of a smile) ...

EDIT: Another good one I wanna keep:

EDIT IN 2018: It had to happen eventually - there's a broken image in my journal that I can't replace or recreate from memory or remember exactly what it said, aside from the quote that I put into the repost button below and the fact that Langly was apparently in it according to the tags. :(

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