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When the End Times come, we will all write the Outdated Entry of the Apocalypse

(cross-posted to _dreams_, unless not using entirely the same wording makes it not count)

As if all those 666's in waking life two days ago (and a couple of 666's yesterday, too, just when I thought it was over) weren't enough, I've had three really scary dreams since then. (And some non-scary ones, but still, three scary dreams in only two nights?!)


For whatever reason, I was drawing some Eldritch abomination version of Enya called "Cthulenya". (I was also trying to come up with a name that wouldn't be an already overused Lovecraft reference, but I never thought of one, so "Cthulenya" is canon now. Wait, "canon"? Am I the only one who treats their dreams as a fandom?) Cthulenya's design was pretty vague, so she didn't really scare me that much...until she came to life and started attacking me. :O

MarioWiki Anniversary of the Apocalypse

In this dream, I had somehow come up with the reasoning that the apocalypse would only happen that day if it just happened to be the anniversary of the MarioWiki (or something pertaining to the MarioWiki, I'm not sure). I dunno how that makes sense, but indeed, right after I came up with that theory, my talking alarm clock (which, in real life, reads the time if you press the snooze button and when the alarm goes off, but doesn't talk beyond that, and is actually broken right now in real life) told me something I couldn't quite hear except that it mentioned the MarioWiki. Cue Twitching of the Apocalypse. (for newer folks here, that's the name I give to a really scary twitching that apparently represents the apocalypse in my dreams)

While I'm pretty sure the MarioWiki's anniversary in waking life isn't today, I do know there's a new issue of The 'Shroom (their newspaper), so... :O

Hockey Video of the Apocalypse

This dream was the same night as MarioWiki Anniversary of the Apocalypse. I was watching three hockey videos (although, despite being hockey, they took place outdoors on a grassy field) depicting scenes that the commentator apparently found so hilarious that, in the last one I watched, he said "It's the end of the world!"

Oookay... I don't see how a hockey scene can be so hilarious that it causes the apocalypse, but it's still pretty scary how two dreams the same night have implied that the apocalypse would be today, even if it hasn't happened yet...

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