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My slightly outdated, yet still unfinished, LJ post is possessed!

Okay, this is really creepy.

For the past 666 weeks or so, I've been working on a fairly long LJ post with more images than I've made for a single post before. About as many as you'd find in the average Hyperbole and a Half post, in fact, which is why it's taken so long even though most of the images are edits of images I found online. (Of course, one of the ones that isn't is a huge graph...)

Today, my calculator (which I've made a program on to keep track of how fast I need to work if I wanna finish the graph and post this entry before the next semester of college) ran out of battery power, and since I wasn't sure if we had any more lithium batteries (since replacing the regular batteries didn't help), I made an Excel spreadsheet instead.

Now here's the creepy part. About 8-10 times today, the spreadsheet's calculations gave numbers containing 666 (e.g., 16662.somethingsomething).

Plus, recently I've been rolling 3 dice (or 4 when there were 4 unfinished parts of the entry) to determine what parts of the entry I'm allowed to work on next (e.g., if I get a 1 or 4, a 2 or 5, and a 3 or 6, it's up to me, but if I only get 2's and/or 5's I have to work on the graph); just recently, I rolled the dice, and out of 216 possible outcomes, guess what I got?


Even scarier is the fact that just yesterday (well, technically the day before that since it's after midnight), pathvain_aelien saw the dice and thought they read 6-6-6. They didn't, but still, scary how all these actual 666's ended up appearing... :O

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