June 8th, 2021

charlie the unicorn bad connection


So... Remember all those times when I panicked because LJ or DW or some other site I like (or sometimes not even one I like!) went down for a few minutes or hours and I thought it might turn out to be a permanent outage? Remember when sometimes I even thought it might be an indication that the entire Internet might go down?

That's because I was afraid that something like what happened TODAY would happen.

I know some of you thought I was overreacting those times when I saw websites go down temporarily. Even I eventually looked back on those times and thought I was overreacting. But, apparently, I was right after all - it IS possible for hundreds of websites to go down at once without warning. I know they're claiming that the issue has been fixed, but has it REALLY been fixed? Apparently some sites are still experiencing issues hours later. Those hours could turn into weeks or even years. And even if the entire issue IS resolved, how do we know it won't happen again?!

(pathvain_aelien, I know you told me that websites go down all the time and it's not a big deal. But this IS different! It's usually not HUNDREDS of websites all at once! Look it up!)

We should all be scared. VERY scared. HOW IS ANYONE CALM ABOUT THIS?!