October 23rd, 2019


Unpopular Opinion Day (or whatever I decide to call it)

There have been many times when I've felt like I'd be hated or disliked for liking something (a video game, a comic/webcomic, a show, a movie, a character, music, or anything else) because it feels like there's more people who hate it (for any number of reasons) than there are who enjoy it.

And there have been many times that I've heard, or been told, that in a lot of these cases, the things I enjoy ARE very popular and that there are more people who like these things than there are who dislike them - it's just that the critics tend to be more vocal than the fans, making it seem like they're not popular.

Recently I thought about all of this and thought...

"You know what? We need to do something about this. There should be, like, a holiday where, if you're a fan of something that you feel has more critics than fans, you're encouraged to be more vocal about your stance than the critics are for once!"

That's why I'm declaring October 23 to be Unpopular Opinion Day. (At least until I think of a name for it that more accurately reflects what it is while still being concise... Anti-Vocal-Hatebase Day? Or Unpopular Fandom Day, but I've thought of examples that aren't fandoms per se...)

In this entry, I'm going to name some things I like that a lot of people seem to dislike. I encourage you to do the same in the comments - name some things you're a fan of that you've felt that a lot of people dislike!*

*Do not confuse "things you like that you think a lot of people seem to dislike" with "things you like that a lot of people you know have never heard of". While the latter is something I also experience a lot, and the two can overlap (see number 6 below), this holiday is dedicated to the former.

1) Ctrl+Alt+Del. Although it apparently does have a large fanbase, the news posts are about the only reason I'm aware it has such a fanbase - it feels like most of the rest of the Internet (even the authors of many other webcomics I enjoy) hates it, or at least doesn't like it very much. It's probably the prime example of something that has a large fanbase but also gets a lot of hate. As a matter of fact, that's why I chose October 23 to be Unpopular Opinion Day - that's the anniversary of Ctrl+Alt+Del. :)

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I could probably think of more - and possibly word some things above better - but a) I want to save some for next year and b) I wanna get this posted quickly to ensure that it's up on October 23. :)