December 4th, 2018

enya as mary o.

Mary O. & Yamamura's hypothetical moveset after balance patch ver. 1.Bored.Nerd

You know what's even nerdier and niche-ier than writing an entire entry about a hypothetical Super Smash Bros. moveset for the guide to a video game manual?

Writing TWO entries about a moveset for the guide to a game manual, of course! :P

I wrote that first entry about Mary O. & Yamamura's made-up moveset shortly before the E3 reveal of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and since then I've thought of some updates to make to it based on what was revealed about the actual game... enough that I'm gonna have to bore everyone with another entry about it so I don't have to keep getting distracted thinking about the idea! Since the actual game comes out this week, now seems like the right time. :)

In the unlikely event that you're interested in reading this entry but haven't read the first one yet, I'd recommend reading that one first. Because in this entry I mostly only describe the changes I made, without repeating anything I decided to leave unchanged.

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