August 19th, 2018

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2018 LJ/DW Comment Stats!

It's the 11th anniversary of my LJ! And since I'm lucky enough that a) I still have my old Vista laptop with me, b) it still works so I could copy the LJ Comment Stats Wizard onto my current laptop, and c) the wizard still works on this laptop, that means...

It's once again time for LJ/DW comment stats! :)

Like last year, I manually edited the comment stats to include DW comments that are not also on LJ, even moving those of you who've commented a lot on my DW further up in the rankings or adding you to it if you weren't in the rankings otherwise. :)

My comment count is a fraction (and, by extension, so is the grand total) because I couldn't decide if this LJ comment and this DW comment should count as one or two comments (since all the other times when I manually posted the same comment on both the LJ and DW versions of an entry around the same time, I counted each LJ/DW comment pair as only one comment, but these two aren't exactly the same...), so I made this pair count as 1½ comments.

Top Commenters on matt1993's LiveJournal (and [personal profile] matt1993's DreamWidth
(Anonymous comments excluded from rankings)
1matt1993/[personal profile] matt1993 3350½
2pathvain_aelien 1726
3glowing_dragon/[personal profile] glowing_dragon 785
4rovanda 185
5irish_ileana 134
6adawnrae 113
7awehla 100
8penelopexxx 96
9cactus_rs/[personal profile] cactus_rs 86
10padabutterfly 71
Collapse )
Total Commenters: 159
Total Comments: 7659½

Report generated 8/19/2018 12:58:20 AM by scrapdog's LJ Comment Stats Wizard 1.7 and then manually edited to include comments that are on DW only and the users who would otherwise not be shown