March 16th, 2018

afer ventus or the river sings backwards

Super Mario Beads

I found these videos randomly one day at some point after Super Mario Beads 3 was already released (so it has to have been November 2012 or later) and meant to post them here* but never did. Then I rediscovered them this week so I finally got around to posting them five years later! :)

*Well, okay, if you're reading this on DW, that's not entirely true because I wasn't on DW yet :P

3D NES???

I remember wondering (since high school, I think) what it'd be like if there was a program that automatically converted 2D graphics (in general, but especially NES and SNES graphics) to 3D, or what corrupted NES/SNES graphics would look like in 3D at all - apparently, the NES half of my question was answered a couple of years ago and I didn't know about it until now!

(And yeah, I know I'm posting a lot of "video game videos" entries all at once but don't worry, this is the last one for now. Probably.)

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