January 19th, 2018


LJezzacotta (or DWezzacotta) meme!

Being obsessed with a) mezzacotta, the randomly generated webcomic that's (retroactively) been around since 9999999999999 BC, and b) nerdy math-related stuff, I thought of an idea for a LJ/DW meme that incorporates both! Back in July or so. Why didn't I post it until now? For that matter, I'm surprised I didn't think of this meme before July 2017.


1) Look at the mezzacotta strip from your birthdate:

2) Look at the strip(s) from the day you joined LJ and/or DW and/or any other blogging site you use regularly - if you don't know when that is, you can go to your profile and find out (at least for LJ and DW):
http://mezzacotta.net/archive.php?date=2007-08-19 (LJ)
http://mezzacotta.net/archive.php?date=2017-05-13 (DW)

3) Optionally, also look at the strip(s) from any other dates that are significant to you!
I'll skip this step, though - while there are many other dates that are significant to me for whatever reason, I think I'll just use my birthdate and the dates I joined LJ/DW for this.

4) Put in the same dates from steps 1-3 again but with AD changed to BC. You can do this just by putting a minus sign before the year in the URL:

5) Put in the dates from steps 1-4 again, but replace the years with the last two digits of them:
http://mezzacotta.net/archive.php?date=17-05-13 (...so is he going to show me or not? :) )
http://mezzacotta.net/archive.php?date=-7-08-19 (A hair restorer on leeches?)
http://mezzacotta.net/archive.php?date=-17-05-13 (I guess a penny isn't enough.)

6) Now take the dates from steps 1-3 and replace the year with your LJ and/or DW (and/or other blogging site) user ID! On LJ and DW at least, that's also on your profile.
(Any time I say to replace the year with a number that isn't a year like your user ID, do this for both BC and AD if the AD version exists [i.e. the number is between 1 and the current year]. If it doesn't - which it won't 99.9% of the time - then just use BC.)
http://mezzacotta.net/archive.php?date=-13627499-08-19 (I'd say that's changing focus more than just "a bit". :P )
http://mezzacotta.net/archive.php?date=-13627499-05-13 (Yes, I even combined my LJ user ID with the date I joined DW and vice versa. Because that makes a lot more sense than the strip I got by doing so!)
http://mezzacotta.net/archive.php?date=-3192525-05-13 (The first panel of this one is the best part.)

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If any of these methods gives you an invalid date:
Year with leading zeroes - remove the leading zeroes.
Year is 0 - use 9999999999999 BC (13 nines), 1 BC, and/or 1 AD instead. Or, if this happens in step 5, replacing it with 100 BC/AD makes sense too.
February 29 in a year that doesn't have one - use February 28 and/or March 1 of that year instead.