December 29th, 2016


2016 is not a serial killer. It's a YEAR.

I am sick and tired of people blaming 2016 for all the bad things that have happened this year.

Yes, I get that there were a lot of celebrity deaths this year, people got upset with each other over the election even more so than usual, etc. Those were definitely bad things that happened this year. But the Internet has taken this WAY too far - I'm getting tired of people blaming the year for it. (Dear 42 and It's Over 9000: I apologize. You are not the most annoyingly overused number-related memes in existence.) the way some people talk, it's like they think nothing good happened in 2016 (not true!) or that nothing bad happened in 2015 or any other recent year (also not true!). They make me feel like I'm not allowed to enjoy anything that was released in 2016. :(

Sorry for the rant - I just needed to get this off my chest before the end of the year. (Not that it'll make any difference - there's still people who complain about Super Mario Maker being released on September 11 last year...)

To anyone who happens to discover my journal while this is still on the first page: Rest assured, rants like this (or rants of any kind) are not very common in my journal. :)