November 12th, 2016


"Which decade should you have grown up in?" revisited 7 years later instead of 5

Originally posted by matt1993 at What happened?
I had only 10 calculus problems for this weekend, but it took me about 2 hours to do them. Am I getting worse at math or is it just getting harder? (Just in case you forgot, I'm usually good at math.)

Obligatory quiz of the day:

You should have grown up during the Fifties.
You like simpler times when you could go to the malt shop with your sweetie and park down on lover’s lane. You also like change and imagining your bright future.

Where can I get a lover’? And what is it?

Got the same result when I took this quiz again just now. Except the apostrophes weren’t weren't glitched this time. :)