August 19th, 2016

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LJ Comment Stats 2016!

Today is the ninth anniversary of my LiveJournal!

As most of you know, that means it's time for...

(note: I still don't know why the bars are showing up way taller than they're supposed to be for me. If they're like that for anyone else, I apologize. [EDIT: Wait, I think I figured it out! Chrome must be resizing the heights based on the widths, so viewing this in another browser should fix it.])

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Top Commenters on matt1993's LiveJournal
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1matt19932373 2373
2pathvain_aelien1339 1339
3glowing_dragon548 548
4rovanda183 183
5irish_ileana134 134
6adawnrae113 113
7awehla100 100
8penelopexxx96 96
9cactus_rs64 64
10eccentricrabbit46 46
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Total Commenters: 86
Total Comments: 5411

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