August 12th, 2016

2010 nnwm procrastinator


Why do I suddenly feel like there was something I was supposed to do today?

I dunno, for some reason I'm wanting to think that at some point I promised to start posting a remake of a webcomic or something that I started 10 years ago to this day, started putting online about 8½ years ago, and quit 8 years ago. In fact, I'm pretty sure that earlier this year, I was supposed to start making enough strips in advance so that when today came, I'd be able to start posting the remake - and even have a decent update schedule, at least for a while.

Nah. Probably just my imagination. (Or lack thereof...)

updated prtsc land me

Thought of another way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of PrtSc Land!

So, as I vaguely said in my previous entry, I still haven't even started making a remake of PrtSc Land even though I'd always said I wanted to starting on the 10th or 12th or 15th or (some other nice number)th anniversary of it - and I'd always been hoping that it would be the tenth anniversary, specifically.

But there is one way I thought of to celebrate it, or at least celebrate the date August 12, 2006 itself: by posting the strips that several comics BESIDES mine happened to run on that date or the nearest date possible! In roughly the order that I first became interested in each of these comics!

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