May 19th, 2016

2010 nnwm procrastinator


Between my waiting over a year to contact Google about why Ours Will You 1-Up was taken down only to find out that it was too late to do so, and a new Enya CD coming out before I finished redesigning OWY1U, writing any more of Moya's Space Log, OR updating my profile, interests, or glossary, it's really starting to sink in that I've procrastinated SOOO many things on LiveJournal.

I figure the best way to feel better about it is to suddenly finish several updates I've been wanting to make all at once, so that's what I'm doing right now!

I started by... Remember when I was so depressed about the Forbidden Comment Threads that I decided to add "Dark Matt1993" LJ Trading and Tarot cards under the regular Matt1993 cards I already had on my profile (also seen here, but slightly more outdated)? I've been wanting to remove those from my profile (just the Dark Matt1993 ones, I mean) for a while now that I worry less often - and hence, they're more outdated than the cards for regular me despite the latter being made earlier. So I finally got rid of them.

But since there will probably come a time when I want to remember exactly what the Dark Matt cards said, I actually just moved them here along with the paragraph that was above them. (This also ended up finally making the text on the cards as legible as I wanted it - even though I included HTML tags for white text, the text was still black while these were on my profile.)

Considering what I feel like now, both of those are very outdated. I decided that a neat thing to do for an update would be not to replace them, but to make separate trading & tarot cards for Dark Matt1993.

Unfortunately, the site where I made the Matt1993 cards seems to be down right now, so I had to copy and edit the HTML from those cards. But nonetheless, here they are:

Collapse )

Collapse )

(And yes, I just used "Dark Sky Island" as a unit of time equivalent to about seven years - the time between the releases of And Winter Came and Dark Sky Island. :) )

(EDIT: I just realized the the above paragraph only makes sense if you saw the LJ-cuts that these cards are under.)
2010 nnwm procrastinator

Here comes procrastination

I was going to update the interests in my profile (for real this time), albeit by removing a few outdated interests, adding as many new ones as will fit, and then put a list of ALL the interests I wanted to include in my bio. (As opposed to making a program to figure out which 150 interests are the most frequently/recently mentioned in my journal so I could put those in my "real" interests list - I still plan to do that, but not right away.)

Anyway, I was looking online for a way to count how long my updated interests list is without having to actually put it in (or rather, how many commas are in it - then I just add 1). I found such a page, but that site also had a bunch of other features I wanted to check out, so... I did.

Right now I'm looking at this one. I put in "matt" three times. I forgot what order I got these results, so I put them from least to most weird:

Collapse )

I'm probably going to play around with it some more. There goes my productivity.

updated prtsc land me

Oh man, these updates are great!

As promised, I added the FAQ to my profile! Feedback on whether or not it makes sense to you, or whether or not makes sense to anyone who hasn't been to my journal before, or whether or not its positioning ON my profile makes sense, or whether or not the rest of my profile makes sense, etc. is still welcome, though. :)

I would say that this is probably the shortest time interval between me promising something and my actually doing it, but I did put a note on my profile sometime last year saying that I was planning on adding a FAQ section, so...