December 14th, 2015

vs. giant enya fan

Always wondering what comes after the end

Well, I graduated yesterday!! (Okay, so it's 1:45 AM right now, so I guess now it's the day before yesterday?... It was December 12. That we know for sure.)

And I was so tired after the ceremony that on the way home, I could remember every new day I kept falling asleep and waking up - despite playing Super Smash Bros. 3DS to try and keep myself awake, so sometimes my character would end up standing there for a while until I woke up again. :)

And then I got home at 5 PM or so and pretty much went straight to bed - and stayed in bed until about 2 PM the next day. Yes, I was THAT tired after all the stress from this semester...

And guess what pathvain_aelien gave to me as a graduation gift that originally would've been a Christmas gift?

Dark Sky Island, the new Enya CD!!!

I'm listening to it for the second time right now :)

It still feels weird that there's a new Enya CD since so much has changed since the last time there was a new Enya CD with new songs... I mean, this is the first Enya CD with new songs since I started becoming active on LJ. It's the first Enya CD with new songs since this dream from 2009 or earlier (notice where I say "I never got to see what was on the other CD. I want it so badly."? I like to pretend that Dark Sky Island was the other CD in the dream, and that after nearly seven years, I'm finally getting to listen to it). It's even the first Enya CD with new songs since I designed Wænya, which was also nearly seven years ago! Which just goes to show how long I've been putting off all sorts of stuff...