August 19th, 2015

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LJ Comment Stats 2015

Four things to mention:

1) I moved into my dorm today... and it was REALLY stressful, as usual. :( And I have so much to do tomorrow... I know I said I'd move into the dorm Monday, but then I found out I'd get to wait later before I moved in.
2) Last Wednesday was the 9th anniversary of the original version of PrtSc Land, and I still don't have a USB floppy drive. So remember how I said I was planning on remaking PSL and putting it up on LiveJournal starting on the 10th or 12th or (some other nice number)th anniversary? It's probably not going to be for the 10th anniversary...
3) Lately I've been working on an Excel spreadsheet with the dates, subject lines, userpic keywords, URLs, etc. of every entry I've posted on LiveJournal - AND notes on what I hope to update in each entry eventually, like adding tags, fixing broken images, etc. so that I can keep track of it all more easily. It's far from being done (even just for entries in my own journal), but I'm hoping to get all that maintenance I've been meaning to do on my old entries finished as soon as I can!
4) Today is the 8th anniversary of my LiveJournal! And, for once, I'm doing the LJ comment stats entry on time!
Although on my computer, bar graphs have lately been looking messed up in entries like this one. Does it do that for anyone else - in this or the other LJ Comment Stats entries?

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