July 29th, 2015

updated prtsc land me

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Just now, I decided to at least glance at my friends page for the first time in eight months or so, JUST so that if I still didn't feel comfortable reading it and ended up putting it off for (say) another eight months, it would feel like two 8-month hiatuses instead of one 16-month hiatus, which would hopefully help me feel slightly less like I never get anything done.

So far, how I feel about it is even better than that! WAY better!

When did my friends page suddenly become enjoyable to read again and not almost completely full of drama?! Filtering out certain tags and asperger entries used to not completely help, so how is it helping now?!

I'm definitely not complaining! Maybe now I can actually go back to checking it regularly for good!

Still feels like I won't be able to completely catch up with all of my friends, though...

There were other things I wanted to mention - many REALLY good, many REALLY bad - but it's already 2:18 AM so I really should go to bed. I just wanted to post now about this momentous occasion!

gru light bulb

Lorem ipsum positivity optimism moving forward, renewal smile letting go sunshine happy amet. :)

Earlier today, I had what is probably the best idea I've ever had since... something that was a very good idea.

I've had this same journal style ("Pale Yellows" recolored to have a black background with the colors that the letters and digits in "matt1993" have in my synesthesia) since before the Forbidden Comment Threads - about 0;139 BFCTE, to be precise - long after I eventually discovered that seeing red and green text on a black background all the time started to hurt my eyes after a while. Before that, beginning at some point in 2009, it was "Pale Yellows" recolored with tetradic colors, which made it yellow, purple, blue, and bluish-green, if I remember correctly - and the entries had black text on a white background. And even further back, it was "Pale Yellows" with no changes to the colors. I know I changed the font at some point but I don't exactly remember when.

Anyway, even though I knew that the synesthesia version (at least the way I'd implemented it) started to hurt my eyes after a while and has probably been hurting your eyes for even longer than that (unless you're relatively new here), I put off changing it again for a REALLY long time. I don't really remember why.

Well, now I have a second reason to change it: I'm considering changing it back to the unmodified (palette-wise) version of Pale Yellows! It would hopefully feel like a new beginning or a return to the good old days in 2009 when my journal was actually interesting and not just a whole bunch of "It's been 3½ years and what happened in asperger still makes me feel like every word I say will be seen as racist, sexist, and homophobic..." entries! (speaking of, I feel that it's important to show you guys the newest reason I have for feeling that way... [EDIT IN 2019: Well, apparently the video is no longer there (probably for good reason), and the closest thing I could find to an archive of it is this (and I'd completely even forgotten what video I was talking about until I saw the title and was like "oh yeah, that thing"), so I guess I'll reluctantly have to describe it: Collapse )]) And I never did finish updating all of the images that are broken now that Ours Will You 1-Up is nope more - maybe seeing my old journal style will help motivate me to work on it!

I haven't changed it yet, though. I just feel the need to give you guys some sort of heads up that my journal might suddenly have a "new" style. :)

EDIT: Forgot to mention (in case anyone is like "Aw, but I liked how you worked your synesthesia into your journal style!"): It's possible that later on, I will find some other way to work my synesthesia's colors for "matt1993" into my journal style, but I will still take care to avoid having light text on dark backgrounds. My CS professors have made it all too clear to me that it's hard to read. :)

In other news, despite getting Tomodachi Life for my birthday last year, it wasn't until this month that I started getting really addicted to it. I'm saying this because the first step to finding a solution is admitting that I have a problem, so I will: My problem is that Enya probably still has feelings for Mario even though he's with Peach, and Zelda probably still has feelings for Strong Sad even though he's with Dido. LOL