August 24th, 2014

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LJ Comment Stats 2014

I only waited until five days after the 7th anniversary of my LJ this time - and since the actual 7th anniversary was on the day I packed everything for college and the day after that was when I moved back into the dorm, I actually had a legitimate reason for putting it off two of those days! Go me!

(Though right now I am too lazy to tag this entry, link to the 2013 results, or edit that entry to link to this one. And the delay does mean that pickleboot and I are credited with one more comment each than we would have if I'd done this on the actual anniversary)

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1matt19932142 2142
2pathvain_aelien1195 1195
3glowing_dragon419 419
4rovanda178 178
5irish_ileana134 134
6adawnrae112 112
7awehla100 100
8penelopexxx96 96
9cactus_rs54 54
10eccentricrabbit44 44
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Total Commenters: 85
Total Comments: 4873

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