March 15th, 2014

infinite-paragraph essay

Everything's cool when you don't have homework and aren't constantly being reminded of the FCT!

Sorry I haven't posted or checked my friends page in a while - I once again had so much homework pile up on me at once that a) I didn't have much free time and b) whenever I did, I was so tired of having to work on stuff that I ended up spending it playing video games instead.

Not only that, but the past two weeks in Psychology class, we discussed the chapter that reminded me of the Forbidden Comment Threads the most when I glanced at random pages from my textbook... *shudder* Gender, Sex, and Sexuality.

Luckily, only one argument ever happened throughout all the class sessions about that chapter, I managed to stay out of it, and it wasn't even bad enough that anyone who's even slightly more emotionally stable than I am is likely to also count it as an argument. But there were still a lot of things said in the textbook and the lectures that reminded me of the FCT... *shudder*

At least we're done with that chapter, and it's Spring Break now!!! And I got to see The LEGO Movie yesterday!!

Hopefully, I'll make progress on something this Spring Break...