January 30th, 2014

strong bad not taped to tv

Ending this 9-day hiatus before it gets any longer...

You've probably noticed that I haven't worked on making my userpics more legible in a while and still haven't uploaded the ones that I've managed to make legible enough as userpics. Or posted anything else in a while.

And not only has my self-imposed requirement of "check my friends page at least once every 3 days unless there's a legitimate reason to wait longer than that" resulted in me usually only checking it exactly once every 3 days, there was one time that I accidentally waited 4 days before checking it again because throughout the third day, I only remembered that it was the third day while I happened to not be at my dorm or have something else to do first. (And you probably thought I've done that more than once, because on most entries that I read, I'm not sure if there's anything I can say in a comment that will add to the discussion...)

Indeed, the past week or so was kind of like much of last semester - I've had so much to do half the time that I sometimes ended up preferring to play video games instead of working on any of these things the rest of the time.

I've managed to work on them some of the time, though - I've been reading my autism books and working on the list of things I'm worried about (since a couple of times this semester, I was once again as depressed as I was when the Forbidden Comment Threads were actually taking place), and a few times, I worked on the program to make vague versions of my userpics that I said I'd like to use if I start a dream journal.

I'm not sure what the point of this entry was, but regardless, here it is.