March 2nd, 2013



Over the past week or so, my depression about the Forbidden Comment Threads, my ability to focus, my common sense, and my ability to speak without stumbling over words have all steadily gotten worse.

You know I've said how if I end up with too many creative vortexes stuck in my head at once, I might end up regressing? I think it's actually happening now, except most likely because of the Forbidden Comment Threads instead. I probably don't have much time left...

On some more positive notes:

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- This is my 900th entry!!! At least it is if you include my glossary. If you don't, then my next entry (whatever it happens to be) will be the 900th.

- I changed the "♯ comments" and "Post a comment" text in my journal to say "I glued ♯ blenders to my face" and "Is it Saturday night already?!" (both of which are a Garfield reference or - perhaps more famously - a Square Root of Minus Garfield reference). I've been considering changing that text ever since I took Ours Will You 1-Up down and thus made "I'm ♯-Up"/"Will me 1-Up" stand out as oddly-phrased. (Actually, it probably stood out like that even while OWY1U was up.) And now I finally did! I also changed the current mood text to "This mood coming through", another Garfield/SROMG reference.