December 22nd, 2012

updated prtsc land me

Hey! These work again!

On the twelfth day of Christmas, matt1993 sent to me...
Twelve prophecies drumming
Eleven screenshots piping
Ten computers a-leaping
Nine lemonheads dancing
Eight physics a-compromising
Seven fractals a-drawing
Six crossovers a-programming
Five di-i-i-inosaur comics
Four weird dreams
Three mortal instruments
Two backwards lyrics
...and a mario in a suicidal bunny.
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I never knew that it could replace the verbs too until now. ("Six crossovers a-programming")

In 2013, matt1993 resolves to...
Backup my mezzacotta regularly.
Stop compromising with alien_infinity.
Take princesskitu drawing.
Apply for a new math.
Find a better inflation.
Go to nonpartisanship every Sunday.
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I could definitely use a new math, since I'm no longer good at the old math!


In other news, about a year ago today I got over my depression about the Forbidden Comment Threads just in time for Christmas, and in fact, got over it for the longest period of time so far; in fact, at the time I'd thought I'd gotten over it completely. But now I'm not only still depressed about it about half of the time, I'm also depressed about anything that even vaguely reminds me of the Forbidden Comment Threads (and now, many more things fall under this category), and just as much as when the Forbidden Comment Threads were actually happening. So I don't see myself nearly overcoming it again this year. I'll probably be happier on Christmas Day, but aside from the fact that I'm still not depressed every moment of my life, that's it. :(

Thanks for ruining my life, asperger. And commenters in news. And the Facebook group I Have a LiveJournal!. And too many more things to name.