December 14th, 2012

updated prtsc land me

I think the world is saved...

Right now sources vary on what the outcome of WCIT-12 was, but from what I can tell, the ITR (the resolution they made) is at least mostly about the energy efficiency of the Internet and not its content and probably won't take effect until 2015. So if I'm at least half right about what the ITR is, we either won't need to worry about it censoring the Internet for another two years or we won't need to worry about it at all.

Of course, given how little transparency the conference had and how many governments want stricter regulations on the Internet, this is only because we were very lucky... Nonetheless, this is much better than what seemed like the inevitable outcome, so I might as well go ahead and take my blackout userpics down. (A week from now, just in case.)

EDIT: My paid account time ran out yesterday, so instead I'll wait until I get my account upgraded back. Probably on Christmas.