August 21st, 2012

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2012 LJ Comment Stats

Here they are finally :)

I also manually added information to make it easier to compare to last year's results. The colors aren't coordinated to the amount of ranks you've went up or down, but rather to (1/y-1/x), where y is your rank this year and x is your rank last year. This means that a jump from, say, 5th to 4th is better than a jump from 23rd to 21st.

Ties, at least for the purposes of how many ranks people went up or down and the colors, are handled by Collapse ) If you weren't on last year's list, you're considered to have been tied for 48th through (how many LJ users there were, are, or will be)th place that year, since there were 47 total commenters.

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Top Commenters on matt1993's LiveJournal
(Anonymous comments excluded from rankings)
1matt19931726 1731 (same rank as last year)
2pathvain_aelien976 979 (same rank as last year)
3glowing_dragon285 285 (same rank as last year)
4rovanda151 151 (same rank as last year)
5irish_ileana134 134 (same rank as last year)
6awehla100 100 (up one rank)
7penelopexxx96 96 (down one rank)
8adawnrae82 84 (first appearance, thus up anywhere from 40-∞ ranks)
9eccentricrabbit44 44 (shown as same rank as last year, but now tied with xlormplover, so down 0 or 1 rank(s))
10xlormplover44 44 (down 1 or 2 ranks)
Collapse )
Total Commenters: 74
Total Comments: 3932

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I think it's interesting how last year there were 47 total commenters and this year there were 74 total commenters :D