August 14th, 2012


Today, Hajar, I am not making LIGHTNING!

Once I turn in the final copy of my analytical paper and peer review any papers that still haven't been reviewed by 8 PM, I'll have made it through the English class without going insane!

I spent so much time working on this paper and analyzing articles that Rachel Hajar and Geoff Watts (the authors of the first two articles I used for it) have, unlike any other authors of articles I've cited in papers so far, gotten appearances and mentions in a few of my dreams:

Collapse )

And now for something completely different. Funny conversation pathvain_aelien and I had about a week ago:

PATHVAIN_AELIEN: That's because our table is lacking in fruit and vegetable matter and pretty much anything besides pizza matter.
ME: At least it's lacking in dark matter.
PATHVAIN_AELIEN: I want some dark matter!
ME: Might be kinda dangerous, though.
PATHVAIN_AELIEN: Well, so is not getting a proper diet with fruits and vegetables!