June 25th, 2012

door can see into soul


Well, after 32 days, I finally finished everyone's MS Paint meme drawings!!

...Oh, did I say everyone's MS Paint meme drawings? I meant just bender_927's, based on her interests of "mario" and "near death experiences". Yes, it took me 32 days just to finish this drawing that's only almost worth the time it took.

Oh well, at least I finished one! Here it is :)

(I'm doing these first come, first serve. Considering how long it takes, it doesn't seem like a good way to do this meme, but it's better than any other way...)

Oh, and while it does make sense to use the Super Mario World font for this since it's Mario-related and all, I actually used it solely because I've been planning to use it in PrtSc Land if I ever remake it again. I'm even planning to use it in Lightning Made of Owls so I can practice my planned speech bubble style some more. (Which is also why I bothered trying to draw really well in Paint - I need practice before I start drawing anything for either of those. After all, it normally doesn't matter how well you draw in this meme.)

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