May 16th, 2012

liberty mutual sense-make

The Infinite Loop of PrtScLanditude (finally posted!)

(I finally posted it. Here goes nothing...)

(By the way, pathvain_aelien and ellaina02, I added a few things after the proofreading)

CHARACTER 15: I have a really fantastic idea for a new website.
ELIZA: We all have something we're ashamed of. Don't we?
{beat panel}
CHARACTER 15: Yes. Depressing, isn't it.

What's sad is that recently-- Well, okay, not that recently, due to the long amount of time it took to write this entry, have it proofread, and continue to worry about whether or not it makes sense even after I had it proofread. But last October, I was hit with a realization similar to Character 15's, and I'm not even a randomly generated webcomic character.

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