March 14th, 2012

i ♥ grapheme→color synesthesia

Writer's Block: National Pi Day

How many digits of pi have you memorized?
3.1415926535897932386... I don't remember beyond there.

*checks to make sure these are correct*

GAH! That last decimal place I typed shouldn't be a 6! It should be a 4, then a 6!

So, despite my grapheme→color synesthesia, I have yet to memorize pi to more than 18 decimal places (19 digits altogether). Sad. :(

I did know that the 8 before it was the beginning of a string of six nonzero even digits and that no two adjacent digits in that string are identical, though, so I guess I can say I have log(1018 × (10/3)5) (because there were 3 possibilities for each of the digits after the 8) = log(411,522,633,744,855,967,078.18930041152...) = 20.614393726401687813524860483724 decimal places memorized! (or 21.614393726401687813524860483724 digits altogether) Of course, that isn't much better...

EDIT: Thanks to the Nintendo 64, I think I finally figured out a way to remember the last two of those even digits I was talking about! :D