February 22nd, 2012

truth in another out there


So turns out ACTA was postponed today! Yay!!

I'm gonna wait a little longer before I revert my protest userpics, so that just in case we find about another bill like SOPA/PIPA/ACTA that's somehow secretly been signed by nearly enough countries for it to pass without anyone knowing for years, I'll have slightly less work to do. Until then, I'll just use the ones I didn't get to replace. :)

To celebrate, here's another Previously on the X-Files:

←POTXF's ♯1-2 POTXF's ♯4-8 →

I wonder who glued Mulder's hand to his face? Or maybe he's just taking "talk to the hand" too literally. :)

EDIT IN 2018: Not only is the image gone now, but I don't remember what any of it said :( But at least I remember that Mulder appearing to have his hand glued to his face throughout the entire thing was the best part in my opinion. :)