January 19th, 2012

homestar sued

Meanwhile, in a perpendicular* universe where matt1993 actually likes discussing politics:

I'm against SOPA for all of the same reasons that the Gods of Being Able to Voice Opinions Better than Matt1993 (e.g. LiveJournal, Wikipedia, Google, Randall Munroe, Ryan North...) are - and this is coming from a guy who usually doesn't comment on anything controversial because he either becomes depressed about what side to be on or posts about an occurrence of a number like 206 in a news article or something rather than actually discussing the issue.

In fact, until SOPA is rejected, I'm going to do a clever take on the blackouts that Wikipedia, Wikia, xkcd and Dinosaur Comics (and any other websites I don't know about yet) have done - I'll blackout as many of my userpics (well, not really blackout - I'm not sure how to describe it, so just look at the userpic on this entry) as I can before the 24th (or whenever SOPA is rejected, or - if we're too unlucky for that - SOPA is repealed after becoming law). To keep this from turning out like my attempt at replacing userpics with PSL-styled variations (i.e., not getting to finish soon enough), I'm gonna upload each one as soon as I make it. Dunno how many I'll be able to replace before the impending apocalypse the Senate begins voting on it, though...

EDIT: These are even more difficult to make than I thought! I only got four finished today, but trust me, you don't need to see 112 shadowed userpics containing somewhere from 5 to 109 SOPA jokes to see my (and LJ's, and Wikipedia's, and Google's...) point. According to Google, the White House didn't even need one. I'm still gonna make more, though!

And yes, I know my LJ isn't well-known enough for this to have much of an impact, but I'm putting the idea out there for anyone else who wants to try it.

*It's too different from our universe for it to be parallel :P