December 16th, 2011

roy 666

My slightly outdated, yet still unfinished, LJ post is possessed!

Okay, this is really creepy.

For the past 666 weeks or so, I've been working on a fairly long LJ post with more images than I've made for a single post before. About as many as you'd find in the average Hyperbole and a Half post, in fact, which is why it's taken so long even though most of the images are edits of images I found online. (Of course, one of the ones that isn't is a huge graph...)

Today, my calculator (which I've made a program on to keep track of how fast I need to work if I wanna finish the graph and post this entry before the next semester of college) ran out of battery power, and since I wasn't sure if we had any more lithium batteries (since replacing the regular batteries didn't help), I made an Excel spreadsheet instead.

Now here's the creepy part. About 8-10 times today, the spreadsheet's calculations gave numbers containing 666 (e.g., 16662.somethingsomething).

Plus, recently I've been rolling 3 dice (or 4 when there were 4 unfinished parts of the entry) to determine what parts of the entry I'm allowed to work on next (e.g., if I get a 1 or 4, a 2 or 5, and a 3 or 6, it's up to me, but if I only get 2's and/or 5's I have to work on the graph); just recently, I rolled the dice, and out of 216 possible outcomes, guess what I got?


Even scarier is the fact that just yesterday (well, technically the day before that since it's after midnight), pathvain_aelien saw the dice and thought they read 6-6-6. They didn't, but still, scary how all these actual 666's ended up appearing... :O