August 12th, 2011


Some more findings in notes from my autism therapy

A couple more surprising findings:

- Apparently, during a few of the times that I wasn't paying attention back then, I would still answer questions consistently correctly - I definitely can't do that now! Then again, I'm assuming that "not attending" means not paying attention - it might just mean not making eye contact or something.
- Knowing my current talent with mathematics, you'd think that that identifying numbers and counting would be one of the few things that I was perfect at back then, but apparently not - I actually got certain numbers mixed up sometimes. And, just like with letters, this includes combinations of numbers that have completely different colors in my current grapheme→color synesthesia (12 vs. 11, 8 vs. 6, 8 vs. 7...). Knowing this, I'd say my mom was probably lying when she says that I hacked into her computer at age 2...

A couple of funny things I found:

- While being taught occupations, at one point I mixed up the descriptions of a vet and a fireman and said that a vet "puts out animals".
- While being taught opposites, I was asked what the opposite of "bad sitting" was (those therapists never seemed to like the way I was sitting :P) and so I said "bad standing".