July 2nd, 2011




Finally, a site with good versions of various racist, your mom, Chuck Norris, and Justin Bieber jokes! Well, most of the time...and, for the few that are still annoying, there's always FoxReplace ;)

From highest to lowest ratio of true anti-jokes to still-annoying jokes, from what I've seen so far:
- Chuck Norris jokes
- racist jokes
- your mom jokes
- Justin Bieber jokes

i ♥ grapheme→color synesthesia

Man at work (or maybe at procrastination)

I decided to change the colors of my journal style to match the colors of "Matt1993" in my grapheme→color synesthesia (with the exception of backgrounds that are currently white - I'll change them to black, because I think that looks cooler), so if you see the colors change every time you load the page, it's my customization in progress and not a weird glitch with LiveJournal. ;)

EDIT: Mostly done now - I still have to make the colors absorb a little of each other like my perceived colors actually do, but at least the remaining changes shouldn't be too drastic. By the way, if any of the colors are too bright or something and it hurts your eyes, let me know.

EDOT: Wow, mixing those colors perfectly is gonna take even longer than I thought - it's been the whole day and I'm only ⅛ of the way done. :(

EDUT: Decided to just go back to the unblended colors that M, A, T, 1, 9, and 3 have on their own - it actually looked cooler that way, and it's one less creative vortex for me. (Though I still applied the rule where the colors of the graphemes are mixed with the colors of how many of the same grapheme there are in a row [in this case, meaning the M, A, 1, and 3 are mixed with white like 1 and the T's and 9's are mixed with cerulean like 2]. That way, it should still be easier on the eyes.)