June 25th, 2011

homestar graduate epitaph

Stuck between a rock's attention span and a workplace

Right now, I'm unsure of whether I should go ahead and go to college in fall 2011 like I'd planned, sit out for a semester, or sit out for a year (though if I sit out, I'll have to get a part-time job instead).

Reasons I should go ahead and go to college:
- I'd have at least 3 years and 11 months to rid my mind of creative tumors before I get a job, whereas if I wait a semester or a year and get a part-time job first, I could end up having to finish them all up today.
- I've already decided a schedule of classes, and what seems like a pretty easy schedule (for me) at that; there are 2 math classes, a computer class, freshman English, and some sort of "intro to college" class (I think it's called Campus Connect or something like that). In fact, this means that freeing my mind of creative tumors before college might not be as important as freeing my mind of them before getting a job.
- My family has already paid money for it (both for college itself and for stuff for my dorm).
- The college I plan to go to has an autism support program, and while I didn't get into it due to the waiting list, the professors are apparently used to autistic students.
- The HAS (High School Aerospace Scholars for those that are new or new-ish here) camp was the closest thing to a job that I've had so far, and I made a fool of myself there way more often than I did in high school (which, of course, is the closest thing I've had to college).

Reasons I should wait a semester or year:
- If I go to college this fall, I'll only have 2 months to get rid of all my creative tumors before college, but if I wait a semester I'll have 6 months and if I wait a year I'll have 14 months.
- Considering that I'll have an English class and that the Campus Connect class or whatever it's called <pun intended="false">has</pun> essays, my schedule might pull a HAS and turn out to have 2 difficult essays every 2 weeks or something even though I was told that the essays will be easy and infrequent.


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Should I go to college now, or wait a semester or a year?

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