June 3rd, 2011


I once was author cancelled, but now am found

Due to my autism, it is often nearly impossible for me to find things that I need, even if I'm right next to it and/or someone is pointing right at it. Because of this, normally I have to have my mom find in two seconds something that would've taken me weeks to find.

Today, for the first time ever, the situation was reversed - Mom kept looking through my closet trying to find a pair of jeans for me to wear, and couldn't find one, and so she eventually gave up. But then, as it turns out, it was in plain sight and I found it after looking in only two places!

I doubt this means I've gotten any smarter, though, especially considering my driving skills today. If past experience continues to hold true, this will only result in me doing something really stupid tomorrow or later today. It's like the second law of thermodynamics - a decrease of entropy in one system is only possible with a greater increase of entropy in another. (And, for the record, the fact that I'm smart enough with science to know about that DOES NOT necessarily mean that I'm smart enough to drive or find stuff. Capiche?)