May 30th, 2011

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First quizzes in a while

Even though I still have yet to play Angry Birds, I went ahead and took this quiz:

You Are the White Bird

You are lovable, endearing, and affectionate. People gravitate toward your positive spirit.

You are warm-hearted, witty, and even irreverent. You have an outrageous sense of humor that gets people laughing.

You are very liable and charming. People simply enjoy being around you.

You are an amazing friend. You are always there for the people you care about.

I also took these two:

You Are the Car

You live your life in top gear. You aren't afraid to go fast, and you actually do best at high speeds.

You act on instinct, and you make decisions in a split second. Your first reaction is usually right.

You are impulsive and bold. You love to make risky moves, and you never turn down a chance to roll the dice.

You get impatient easily, and you're often waiting on those around you. You hate to be slowed down by anyone!

"Your first reaction is usually right." Um, no, not for me it isn't.

You Are a Bishop

You are limited in what kind of moves you make, but that only encourages you to be wilier.

If you sit back and think carefully, you can be just as deadly as any of the other players on the board. It's all about using your head.

While it does get annoying to be underestimated all the type, you can use that to your advantage.

You can attack and retreat quickly, without anyone hardly noticing. As far as skills go, that's an excellent one to have!

"While it does get annoying to be underestimated all the type"? Your grammar is underestimated all the type. :P