April 10th, 2011

vs. giant enya fan

Writer's Block: Color me curious

If you were a crayon, what color would you be, and why? What color would your ideal mate be, and why?
Orange yellow, because that's the color of my favorite food, macaroni & cheese (Don't listen to a word that "macaroni and cheese" crayon says; it's an impostor! Orange yellow is the REAL macaroni & cheese-colored crayon!).

My ideal mate would either be a deep red, because I find that a romantic color, or dark blue, because that reminds me of Enya. :)

i like this alot more

Tango Oscar Papa India Charlie Juliet Uniform Mike Papa India November Golf

SNOW CONES ARE IN SEASON!!! I still have yet to get one, though :(

I finally finished my research paper last Thursday! I sure hope I made a good grade...

I also participated in Challenge Air again! (read about the first time)

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